Digital Detox Day in Rishikesh 

Wednesday July 3rd at Triyambakam Wellness Center

First, please make sure you are signed up below with your name and WhatsApp number so that we can update you on our program

What: Retreat to connect in community and take a break for a single day from our phones and other digital technologies.

Why: Do you find yourself using your phone, Internet, social media, and/or other digital technologies far more than you intend? If so you are not alone. Our attachment to our digital technologies is fast becoming an increasing concern in our modern society. We'd like to take a collective break with you to explore why we are so attached, how we can shift our habits, and why this can improve our relationship with ourselves and others.

When/Where: This Wednesday July 3rd at Triayambakam Wellness Center, above German Bakery at Laxman Jhula (Google Maps Directions)

First event is a Hatha Yoga class at 7:30am (led by Anamika); Then right after yoga from 9 - 10 am, we will kick off our Digital Detox Day (hosted by Steve). During this hour all participants will be guided to kick off this day of digital detox, where each of us will share our intentions and then agree to co-created guidelines for taking a day of rest away from our phones (until 9am the next day or however long you can last, shorter or longer)

The rest of the schedule will be presented to you at this 9am meeting, so please come on time. Besides the 9 - 10am meeting, the other activities, tentatively shown, will be optional, free, and there for you to engage and explore better ways to connect with yourself, your body, your mind, and others in community (since you will not be using your phone that day)

Optional activities that we encourage you to make space for to participate during your Digital Detox Day:

You will receive the timing for these actvities during our morning meeting. You can also suggest and help us lead a fun activity that morning, something you enjoy doing that helps you connect with yourself, nature and others that does not involve using a screen : )

Swimming in the Ganga

Lunch/coffee and nice conversation

Dance class



Hatha yoga (Wednesday and Thursday morning also at 7:30am)

Donation Basis : The entire program will held on a donation basis. So please come participate and contribute anything you'd like, the most important contribution is your presence. Proceeds from any contribution will be used to pay for the venue and to fund future nonprofit research that aims to improve the wellbeing of others through our research and community work.

Your participation will also involve sharing your feedback, which we will use to understand how this kind of digital detox can be helpful to others.


Steven Chan: Steve is the founder and principal researcher of His research on mindfulness aims to help impact communities and improve their relationship with using technology. He holds a PhD in Business & Marketing from New York University, where his research on consumer psychology aims to help people consume more mindfully. He is currently a Visiting Assistant Professor of Marketing at Thomas Jefferson University. He is currently staying in Rishikesh to learn yoga, deepen his spiritual practice  and explore ways to co-create programs such as this digital detox with others in a manner that fosters research insight, community and wellness.

Anamika Singh: Anamika is the founder of Triyambakam Wellness Centre. She teaches Hatha Yoga and meditation with more then 3 years experience as a teacher and is a life long learner of the yogic life style. She presents yoga philosophy in a style that aims to be logical, rational and clear. She offers friendly in-depth insights to hatha yoga so that her students can learn proper alignment of the postures.  She is a gentle, confident and resourceful person, always ready to help – her charisma and fun nature are contagious.  She has introduced space awareness exercises where one gains awareness of oneself and others, especially in personal relationships . Anamika believes in teamwork and prides herself on adapting to student needs. She believes  empowering people  towards their true potential.