Fostering FOMO to JOMO:

Applying the Social Media Mindfulness Practice (SMMP) to 

Cultivate the Joy of Missing Out (JOMO) for Youth Communities

TCR 2023 Track 3 (link to conference web page)

Track Co-charis:

Steven S. Chan, Independent Researcher; Thomas Jefferson University (visiting affiliation). 

Ryan E. Cruz, Thomas Jefferson University

Michelle Van Solt, Valparaiso University

Track Members:

Nelson Amaral, Ontario Tech University

Shalini Bahl, PhD, Mindfulness teacher, Know Your Mind Training.

Tessa Garcia-Collart, University of Missouri-St Louis

Ellen Campos Sousa, Gardner-Webb University

George R. Milne, University of Massachusetts Amherst

Kelly Moore, Duquesne University

Michelle Perkins, Founder & CEO of Positive Youth & Family Development Services (PYFDS)

Matthew Philp, Toronto Metropolitan University